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Torrent: How is it different from others?

What is Torrent?

Torrent is a computer file that contains metadata including various information. A torrent file normally comes with the extension .torrent but it does not contain the actual contents to be distributed.

This information will then be used by a BitTorrent software such as uTorrent, Transmission or BitTorrent. BitTorrent is based on P2P. That means computers in the BitTorrent ‘swarm’ each other without the need for a central computer.

In short, users in the Torrent community will keep seeding to have right to download what they want. They keep the balance between download and upload to maintain Torrent system.

Differences between normal download and Torrent

A torrent download lets you download the data via μtorrent (utorrent) or an application which supports peer to peer download.

Differences between normal download and Torrent

When direct downloading you are most likely downloading from that website's server while in torrent you are downloading from other people who have already downloaded it. Torrents are usually user-generated content and are not checked for viruses and quality, while direct downloads from website usually are.

In torrent methodology, the files are available from the server as well as the peers. This reduces the stress on the servers. Therefore, the speed of torrent is much faster than the usual download.

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