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Top 6 best Torrent clients

You'll need a free torrent client if you want to download files over the BitTorrent network. Let's take a look at the best Torrent clients below.

  1. Topping the list of the best Torrent clients is uTorrent. The installer size is tiny and only a fraction of resources are used when the program is running. In addition, uTorrent Remote is a feature that comes built-in that allows remote monitoring and administration of your uTorrent client. You can add, pause, and delete torrents from any browser or Android device.

  2. The second online torrent client is FileStream.me. It works by entering torrent links or uploading torrent files into your account and then having FileStream.me upload the files for you so you can then download them through your browser.

  3. ZbigZ is basically similar to FileStream.me in the way that it downloads and seeds torrents for you and then lets you download the files as regular HTTP data. Because it works this way, it may be preferred if your ISP is restricting your access to torrent downloads. However, ZbigZ allows your torrents to be no larger than 1 GB. Besides, your download speeds are topped off at a mere 150 KB/s.

  4. Another client of Torrent is BitLord. BitLord is a free torrent downloader for Windows and macOS. You can password protect the BitLord program, stream video/audio before the download is complete, and search for torrents inside the program without leaving the client. You can also add RSS feeds to BitLord to help keep track of new torrent releases.

  5. The fifth significant client is Vuze, which offers numerous exciting things such as media playback support and a built-in browser for searching for torrents.

    Vuze enables you to control its functions from an Android device or browser besides the desktop client.

  6. FrostWire is a must-mention Torrent client. FrostWire can search for torrent files on several websites immediately, with available filters to narrow down results by file size and seed count. In addition, it is easy to discover thousands of Internet radio stations included with FrostWire with the ability to add custom streams. A FrostWire app is available for other devices is available on many devices in addition to Windows, macOS, UbuntuOS. You can also chat with other FrostWire users through their community chat room if on the web.

    There are also other Torrent clients, but above are the most popular and trust-worthy ones. Hope that you guys could find the most suitable client.

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