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Reasons why should or shouldn't we use Torrent

Torrent is one of the most popular file-sharing software nowadays. With Torrent, you can download music, applications, games, videos, and images. While Torrent offers you lots of benefits, you also have to face numerous disadvantages of Torrents. 

The Merits of Using Torrents

Torrent uses P2P ( peer to peer) technology to share files between users. That means the file you are downloading is not hosted on a main central server. You can use other sources to complete the download when one download is not active. With the normal download, you can’t finish the download process if the main server has any problem.

The speed of torrent download is always good in all time.

Even if you suddenly are disconnected from the Internet or your PC shuts down/ restarts,  you can download later when you ‘re back online without restart the download process.

You can easily find any files you need.

The Demerits of Using Torrents

If you can’t keep seeding, you won’t be able to download.  

Your public ID address can display on the screen of anyone downloading the torrent you are leeching or seeding. That includes your ISP or digital copyright groups. Of course, there are ways to protect your privacy, simply like VPN.

The bad part comes with the sharing of copyrighted content. It’s no secret that large volumes of copyrighted materials are being shared via torrents. If a company’s employees are using the corporate network to torrent, this is a misappropriation of a company’s computing resources, but worse than that is the legal risk.

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