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How to download a movie using uTorrent?

This article teaches you how to download a movie using µTorrent (uTorrent). You first need to install the uTorrent software first then find a movie torrent file and download it to your computer. Make sure that you know what you are downloading as it may result in copyright fines or harm your computer.

How to download a movie using uTorrent?

  1. Install uTorrent on your computer

    • Go to http://www.utorrent.com/.
    • Select a Torrent version you want to download. You can use uTorrent web if you don't want or you can't install it locally or uTorrent Classic.

    How to download a movie using uTorrent

    • Select where you want to save the file or the version you want whether is free or registered.
    • Wait until the file is downloaded and follow the on-screen instructions to finalize the installation.
    • Remember to pay attention to every step as you might be asked to install bundled software.
    • Open uTorrent by double-clicking the uTorrent icon on your Desktop.
  2. Find a movie torrent file

    • Find a reliable torrent website. You can check this for some suggestions of best torrent sites.
    • Open the torrent website in your web browser and find a movie you want to download using the Search bar.
    • Select a torrent file. You can decide the quality of a Torrent based on the following criteria:

    Seeders: The number in the Seed column should be equal to or higher than the number in the Leech column.

    File details: Make sure that it matches what you're looking for (title, file name, category, etc.)

    Quality (video only): Find a torrent file which is at least 720p in the title or higher. The lower it is, the poorer the quality will be.

    You can review the feedback to decide if you want to download it or not.

  3. Download the torrent

    • Click the Download button. It may vary depending on your torrent website.
    • Wait for your file to download.

    It's very easy to get viruses because of the nature of torrent transfers. If you want to decrease the risk of virus infection, read this article: How to safely download torrents.

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