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10 Best Torrent Search Engine 2018

Just like any other search engine such as Google or Yahoo, a torrent search engine provides a way for users to find torrents on other torrent websites. It doesn't host any torrent files. Here is a list of top 10 best torrent search engine in 2018. They cover a wide range of active torrent websites to download free torrents.

10 Best Torrent Search Engine 2018

  1. Torrentz2

    Torrentz2 - Best Torrent Search Engine 2018

    Torrentz2 is the second version of Torrentz. This search engine has more than 61 million torrent files indexed. It's one of the most powerful torrent search engines. On the homepage of the website, you can have a glimpse of the most popular and verified torrents. You can search for torrents by names or titles.

  2. Torrents.me


    Torrents.me has a nicely-designed user interface website. It allows users to search across millions of torrent files with various filtering options. You can find a wide range of categories and subcategories. The homepage features an extensive list of torrents. It also displays search trends for popular queries.

  3. Veoble

    Veoble - Torrent search engine

    Veoble has a fairly standard user interface. The homepage features a prominent search bar. Veoble offers lots of filtering options such as languages, relevance, date, etc. It also provides image search and torrent search options.

  4. XTORX

    This search engine has a simple user interface. The homepage features just a search bar where you can instantly find torrents. Just type the name of the torrent you are searching for in the search bar then press Enter. However, you can't apply filters on the search.

  5. TorrentSeeker

    TorrentSeeker search engine 2018

    TorrentSeeker is a nicely designed search engine. It uses custom Google Search to scrape torrents from more than 100 torrent websites. Another great feature is that TorrentSeeker also shows users the niche-based websites in it. So you will have a plenty of relevant search results. You can only filter the results by relevance and dates.

  6. Get-Torrentz

    It was previously known as New Torrents and HotTorrentz. Once you type what you're looking for in the search bar and press Enter, you will instantly see a list of results. The list will display names, seeder/leecher ratios, and file sizes. Therefore, you can easily decide which torrents to download. It's fast and accurate. Get-Torrentz is not optimized for mobiles devices yet.

  7. Snowfl

    Snowfl - Best torrent search engine 2018

    Snowfl is a very simple search engine for torrents. The homepage features a prominent search bar, various sort queries, and filter options. It's currently using a custom Google search.

  8. Zooqle

    Zooqle looks like a social media website. It features a small search bar, popular categories, and most seeded torrents on the front page. There you can find the most popular movies, TV shows, games, music, etc. It covers numerous content categories and filtering options.

  9. BTDB

    BTDB - 10 Best Torrent Search Engine 2018

    BTDB has a clean and simple design. You can apply different filters such as relevance, size, files, dates, and popularity to narrow the results. You can also see the rating for different torrents.

  10. AIO Search

    Aside from its user-friendly design, users can choose to include or exclude any torrent sites they want in the search results. The process of searching for files only takes almost a second. It's just designed for torrent searching. You can even search for images, subtitles, videos, or streaming websites.

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